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It was my first experience with trios, who had earlier MMF and MFM with my ex, but my new girlfriend was there, and it was his experience of two first to be !. I had met Caroline, as I said, once with an ex, about a year and a half ago, was the ' meeting' for me better than my ex, even though they had enjoyed, he said. I received a text from Caroline asked if I would like to visit, to explain that I'm not with my ex told me he would talk to my new friend and ask if you might be interested. For those who had a new girlfriend have asked if they would like an experience of two and part of a trio is not an easy thing to carry!, But I was surprised when he said he had always thought but never tried or had the opportunity to try before. I thought you might as well go for it instead of your time to think, I text back tonight will be possible?, Was the answer is yes, do videosbang videosbang not take the time to the nerves. Caroline lived in50 miles from us, but arrived at eight, such as opening the door of Caroline in a very short skirt, fishnet stockings and a little to them, I would say, under 38G breasts. Oh, Sam, my friend told me, I thought it might be disguised?, Sam, very intelligent, but looked very formal dress, but no matter. Both are a kind of bubble girl who suddenly have supported them in the chat, the wine we had with us, both in the same type of personalities, and I was just listening and wondering how and where it all went to to start. Caroline left the room to go to the bathroom, I saw Sam, looking videosbang for signs of anxiety or fear ! 'What do you think so far? 'Oh, she's very pretty, was a bit of what you put no surprise. Caroline came back and said he was allowed into the bedroom, a system that badly needs to move things, Sam removed her clothes and was in her nightgown just to the left, I would point out that both Caroline and Sam, what BBW is, perhaps, in the long term. Now, that may come videosbang to start, said CaroOnline nightgown was Sam, what struck me was Sam, but in fact what led to Caroline under control, it was Sam videosbang 's first experience to do the right thing. So I sat naked watching on the edge of the bed, I have to say at this time I did my part in this, I knew it was going to join, and did, but that was for the girls and everything I have, was a plus for me it is!. my ' prize' went immediately to see my new girlfriend have their first experiences as kissed her softly, clucking his tongue was just amazing, his hands caressing videosbang her breasts and nipples hardening wide, was more than happy at this time only he notes. Caroline really took over, knowing what I wanted, but not all that much experience opened the way for both of Sam's body kissing, sucking her nipples, which made ​​its way through your body until that pussy already wet. When Sam just said what happened was, for them the most surprising thing shoved, Caroline bthe legs of Sam acknowledgment is open, and she also made ​​a presentation of her smooth pussy and very humid in the mmmmmmmmm view that videosbang John, she told me, pussy open with brides to be down and started Sam's eyes and lips to lick around her clit. I looked at Sam, who did not need, he heard sounds that I make no doubt about how much I enjoyed it, deep sigh, like me, I've had the same thing. Caroline was on all fours, I moved to the foot of the bed and ran my hands down the cheeks of his ass to see and enjoy everything I saw, I gently rubbed her clit and took a couple of fingers as looked at. changed positions and now Caroline was exposed to was my friend, I, as she opened her mouth, licking around her clit was the first and after a time to videosbang do that properly come in the unity of language and began fuck, I thought back then was really moving things along, so I went to live with Caroline and remainsmy cock near her face, but then videosbang I do not know if doing things. Caroline took my cock in her mouth and started sucking, I looked at Sam are enjoying their first look at her pussy, my treasure, I said, Sam looked up to see Caroline sucking cock, licking my girlfriend another woman while she observed that sucks man seemed unreal. Sam knelt on the other hand, straining she grabbed videosbang my penis and began masturbating in Caroline 's mouth, we kissed, as she kissed him, and both bowed and took a nipple and sucked videosbang each. This story could go on, they were more than three hours of play, including time with dildos and strap on, it was a fantastic moment for us all, but for Sam that his first time, she was surprised and wanted more . Some people write fantasy, others believe that not only after all the above and more have not even cum, I know why he was there, I knew I knew it was for them, believe me, I was not and was made to feel left out, in the end both were satisfied, as I should if Sam and I returned home, let's talk about the encounter with another couple now, videosbang never tried to replace, but I'm sure we both enjoy, but just another text of Caroline, we would like to visit again ?, this time I go home very happy! .
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